About me

I am Tebello Thejane, a professional programmer living in South Africa. My interests include Mathematics in general, Linguistics (in particular the Bantu languages, with special emphasis on my native Sesotho), and Computer programming (if it ain’t about Haskell then it is probably not worth blogging about, but who knows…).

However, I do not yet have a Mathematics degree, I have no formal education in Linguistics, and I only use Haskell in my side projects, so you read my blog at your own risk. 🙂

About this blog

So, I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog. I hope that at least some people will find it useful. It serves primarily as a scratchpad and journal-of-sorts to document some of my thoughts and research. Topics include all of my varied interests as listed above, and anything else I might be fleetingly passionate about.

The name means “gleanings” in Sesotho, that is, little bits of food and grain one may pick up while roaming in the fields after the harvest. Here it signifies little scraps of information I may pick up while pursuing my personal interests — it may not be pretty and may even chaotic and haphazard at times, but it will be nourishing nonetheless.


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